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Avandia Linked to Heart Attacks

Diabetics taking the drug Avandia to control their blood sugar need to beware – the drug has once again been linked to an increased risk of heart attack.

Worse, GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Avandia, knew about the heart attack risks years ago but did not inform the proper authorities. At this point they’re still denying any wrongdoing, and they have agreed to do a test. But… they agreed back in 2007 and it hasn’t been done yet.

But who would take part in the test? I’m with Frank Mangano – I wouldn’t want to be one of the lab rats. Frank’s article points out that natural and safe diabetes control alternatives are available – such as Alpha-lipoic acid supplements and garlic.

Aspartame by any other name – just as dangerous

Everyone who believes their health depends greatly upon the foods and drugs they put into their systems knows how deadly and dangerous the artificial sweetener aspartame is.

Last April I reprinted a long article about the dangers of aspartame and urged our readers to avoid those products that contain it – such as diet pop.

Apparently enough people have become outraged at its continued use in American “foods” that sales have declined, because the manufacturers have come up with a new way to foist this poison off on us.

They renamed it. Now it’s called Amino Sweet – but it’s just as dangerous as it always was.

To learn a little of the history of this dangerous drug – and why it was approved by the FDA, read this article from the Health Freedom Alliance.

And… keep reading those labels. It’s more important now than ever.

The Health Hazard That’s Taken Over Our Lives

Everywhere we look, something is made of plastic. The keys on my keyboard as I type this, parts of the chair I’m sitting on, the housing on my desk lamp… and that’s just 3 things I’m using at this moment.

I wrote about the dangers in plastic water bottles a long time ago, and then later reflected on the plastics in other food containers.
Plastic remote control and earphones
By now we know that they’re unsafe – especially if the plastic is allowed to heat, as in water bottles left on the car seat in summer. We also know that if we store food in plastic containers, we should remove it to a glass or ceramic bowl before heating in the microwave.

But what about that plastic storage container? And what about the plastic bags holding our kid’s sandwiches and cookies as they go off to school each morning?

What about those toys that your baby might be chewing on even as you read this? What about the remote control that sits in your hand the whole time you’re in front of the TV? What about the headphones you might wear for hours a day?

None of us know what kinds of toxic chemicals were used to create those items, nor do we know how much toxin is being transferred to us.

I’ve been on a campaign to reduce the use of plastic in my household, and I’ll have to say, it’s not an easy task. I started with leftover storage – by buying two boxes of wide mouth canning jars. I bought the pint and the half pint sizes. And… I save the big pickle jars for leftover soups, etc. But habits are hard to break and I sometimes find myself reaching for a plastic container. This change will take some time.

Today I came across an entire website devoted to plastics. Among other things, it outlines which plastics are known to be safe, which are definitely dangerous, and which are unknown quantities.

The site is called Bad Plastics, and it’s worth visiting.

Drinking Beer for Strong Bones

Can beer be a health food?

Apparently so, when taken in moderation. A new study published by the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture reveals that the hops in beer contain dietary silicone. Silicone is essential to the the connective tissues of our bones, tendons, arteries and lungs, and helps prevent osteoporosis.

According to the report, light beer – as in light colored – is more beneficial than dark beer, because it is processed at lower temperatures. Apparently the high heat that produces dark beer destroys much of the silicone in the hops.

Our modern diet is otherwise not rich in this essential nutrient, because silicon is found primarily in unrefined grains and cereal grains – and those aren’t aren’t something most of us consume on a daily basis.

So, drink up. But don’t do what a friend of mine once did.

When the reports came on TV that red wine was good for your body, he went out and bought a whole gallon – and drank it the same day.

Uhhh… that report also said “in moderation.” But I guess my friend had gone to the kitchen for a snack when they mentioned that.

More Health Benefits of Grape Juice

Another reason to drink your purple grape juice has just surfaced.

A few weeks ago I wrote about studies showing that the resveratrol found in grape juice has powerful anti-oxidant properties that switch on your immune system and keep your blood flowing smoothly. Grape seed is also a component in natural remedies for improving eyesight.

Now new studies reveal that the polyphenolds in grape juice can prevent such common diseases as dementia, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Of course, purple grape juice isn’t the only source or polyphenols, just as it isn’t the only source of reservatrol. They can be found in most blue and red berries, many nuts, green tea, dark chocolate, coffee, and even beer.

But it was grape juice used in a small 12-week study of elderly adults with declining memory. Those who received grape juice rather than a placebo showed significant improvement in verbal learning skills, and in memory.

Fortunately for all of us, studies are ongoing. Now that researchers have seen proof that grape juice and other foods can prevent disease and degeneration, they’re moving forward with more studies.

I have a little trouble remembering to drink green tea, even though I know I should. But grape juice is another story – I really like it!

Celery & Parsley- A cancer preventative, but also an anti-curative

Celery and parsley both contain the flavanoid apigenin, which Dutch researchers say may prevent Leukemia. Other research suggests that this flavinoid may also help in the prevention of other kinds of cancers.

But… this NewsMax Health Article warns AGAINST eating celery and parsley if you already have leukemia and are undergoing chemotherapy.

Apparently this flavinoid’s power to kill cancer cells is also powerful in fending off an “attack” from chemotherapy drugs. (After all, those drugs are a foreign substance.)

Other foods that contain apigenin are red wine and tomato sauce.

Can Your Furniture Make You Infertile?

According to the results of a new study, it could.

As usual, the culprit is chemicals. This time its the toxic flame retardants used in upholstery fabrics, foam padding, carpets, plastics, and more.

Flame retardant toxins can cause other health hazards as well, and some of the worst culprits are being banned in future production. But they could still exist in the furniture, carpets, etc. in your home. And they can still exist in anything you buy that isn’t made in the USA.

There’s another good reason for buying American made products!

Read the whole story here, and be careful what you buy!

Green Tea – Nature’s Miracle Drug

Who doesn’t want a miracle drug that costs very little, has no adverse side effects, and can cure a multitude of ills?

A while back I wrote about studies showing that drinking green tea can aid in weight loss, but did you know it can also prevent cancer, and can stop the progression of rheumatoid arthritis?

This new article from The Personal Liberty Digest is far too lengthy for me to paraphrase, but I will say that the results are very good news for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

While the FDA approved “cures” do little to nothing to actually cure or stop the disease, green tea is showing itself as both a preventative and a means of halting progression.

As is the case with many of the drugs being pushed on the American public today, the approved drugs do carry some deadly side-effects, such as leukemia, bladder cancer, and temporary or permanent sterility in both men and women.

Green tea, however, has no adverse side effects. I suppose some individuals could be allergic to it – as to any and every substance on earth – but they would be the exception rather than the norm.

If you or someone you love suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, or if you have reason to believe it “runs in the family,” please do read this informative article.

And start drinking a couple of cups of green tea every day.

Tylenol Recall! PLUS – J&J Sued for kickbacks

What a day… this morning I reported on a recall of veterinary drugs that had not been reported to veterinarians.

Today it’s a recall on Tylenol and many other Tylenol products… and they say they’ve known of the problem since 2008!

Please, if you take any over the counter drugs made by Johnson & Johnson, read this story and follow the link to learn which products could be unsafe.

Be sure to read the whole article… at the bottom you’ll find even more news about drug giant Johnson & Johnson. It seems they’ve been paying kickbacks to nursing homes that agree to put patients on their schizophrenia drug.

The FDA refuses to let natural health practitioners advertise the benefits of herbs, saying they aren’t standardized, not well proven, quality can’t be controlled, etc.

Even though the only problems with most natural health products such as herbs seem to be individual allergies, the FDA deems them unsafe.

Yet the more we read the more we see that pharmaceutical giants don’t monitor for quality!

Pets Suffer for Big Pharm’s Profits

You know I think the things the pharmaceutical industry does to humans is criminal, but what they’ve done with regard to your pets should warrant jail time.

The FDA – charged with protecting us – was complicit in this crime.

Read this article to see how veterinarians were not informed of a September drug recall… thus putting your pets at risk.