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You've never heard of it? I don't wonder. Most people have not, and my research turned up a very good reason for that. There simply isn't enough money in it. But in my life, it's called a miracle.

The medicines used cannot be patented, so drug companies certainly don't want you to know about it. A treatment takes mere minutes in a doctor's office, so no hospital makes a profit. The doctor does charge a hefty fee, but well he should, for it requires painstaking skill.

This is a natural health treatment, administered by a trained medical doctor. Yet in my search for a prolotheraphy trained doctor, I found that even most doctors had never heard of it.
So what is it and why do I call it a miracle?

Prolotherapy treats injury to joints. The treatment is an injection of a dextrose solution, sodium morrhuate (the sodium salt of the fatty acid component derived from cod liver oil) or other irritants into the space between the bones, where it causes an inflammation that helps heal the tissues and can even cause re-growth of cartilage. There's a contrast to your usual pain remedy!

For many, it is an effective alternative that renders surgery unnecessary after just 4 or 5 treatments. Why would an orthopedic surgeon want you to know that?

I call it a miracle because my husband did have knee surgery on one knee. The surgeon removed some torn cartilage, but since his joints had detrioriated to the point where they were bone to bone, all he really got from having surgery was several days of extra pain while he recovered. Oh, and a bill for ten grand.

His knees got worse and worse until the one that he'd had worked on didn't even want to bend far enough for him to get in and out of his pickup. Getting into a small car was out of the question - and the only way he could do stairs was sideways, one painful riser at a time. As you might imagine, he became more and more sedentary and began to gain weight at an alarming rate.

All the doctors had to say about it was that when he got old enough he could have a knee replacement surgery.

Meanwhile, I knew there had to be an answer, so I kept searching. I found it on the internet.

Prolotherapy sounded too good to be true, so I called my son, who is a better researcher than I and has a fast internet connection. He began searching and reported back that he had not found even one negative comment. The only reason he could find that doctors aren't recommending it is the money.

We located a prolotherapy doctor and made an appointment, not realizing how fast our lives were about to take a turn for the better.

After just one treatment my husband was walking around. After two he was going up and down stairs again. And when he parked at the bottom of a steep hill one day and suggested we climb up it in search of huckleberries, I knew I was seeing a miracle. His knee pain was all but gone.

Now he needs a treatment about every 3 or 4 months, just to stay in good shape. What does it cost? $400.

If you'd like to learn more, go to and sign up for their newsletter - or just go to Google and type in Prolotherapy. They do have a list of doctors who are registered with their site, but there are more. We found two in Spokane, Washington - thank goodness!

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