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Would you rather enjoy natural health, or just let drugs mask your symptoms?

Every time you turn on the TV, check your e-mail, pick up a magazine, or go to your mailbox you're bombarded with advertisements for pills. There's a pill for everything that ails you and everything that might ail you. And the dire warnings are enough to make the healthiest person worry about the disease that might strike tonight while they're sleeping.

I find this terrifying.

Not the diseases, but the fact that we as a nation are swallowing millions of dollars worth of potentially deadly pills in reaction to the fear.

According to a news article I read recently, doctors write 8 prescriptions every year for every man, woman, and child in America. Think what that means. Never mind street drugs - We are the nation of the legally drugged.

When I think about how all those drugs are interacting with each other in people's systems I wonder how doctors in good conscience can keep pumping their patients full of pills. But then, we know from experience that many doctors don't even know which drugs will react badly with other drugs. The only warning that's ever issued is: Don't eat grapefruit!

Did you know that that only heart disease and cancer claim more lives each year than drug reactions?

And yet, masses of Americans seem to have handed responsibility for their bodies over to the pharmeceutical industry - so much so that they ignore all those warnings at the end of every commercial telling them, in effect, that the drug could ruin their health or even kill them. Amazing.

We know from reading books such as those listed below that some medical doctors do understand and embrace nutrition as a means to good health. We also know that some doctors understand allergies and their potentially deadly effects. Unfortunately, most of us have never met one of those doctors in person.

Most completely ignore the effects of diet (except for the grapefruit warning) and only mention it if their patient happens to be obese. The result is that millions of Americans are being given dangerous pharmeceuticals for conditions that could be cured with the addition of proper nutrition in their lives.

A case in point is my friend Joe. He suffered with foot and leg pain for years. The doctors give him pain pills, and deadly diuretics. Then he happened to mention the problem to a grocer who directed him to the cranberry juice aisle. Within one hour of drinking a glass of juice his pain had disappeared. It seems he had gout, but the doctor didn't mention it.

And did you know that the drugs prescribed to mask the symptoms of one disease can actually cause other more deadly diseases? For instance: High blood pressure is a potential side-effect of 83 of America's most prescribed drugs. And of the 200 most-prescribed, 90.5% can cause depression.

But that's good, because then the doctor will prescribe another pill to mask the depression or lower the blood pressure. The pharmeceutical company, the doctor, and the pharmacy all win. The only loser is the patient.

Medical science has made amazing advances, and the researchers and doctors who are saving lives are indeed heroes. Organ transplant is one of those advances. But after reading Giving the Gift of Life (Ladies Home Journal, p. 118, November 2007) I have to wonder how many of those advances are made necessary by other doctors' prescription-writing habits. The mention is small: "...Paula, whose kidneys had failed as a result of medication toxicity."

Wouldn't it make more sense to eliminate the cause of illness rather than put a mask over it?

I belong to a growing segment of the population who thinks so, and since you're reading this, you do too. Or you are at least beginning to consider the possibilities.

One of the things I do each day to protect my health is to take one ounce of mangosteen juice. That's why I was thrilled to find one that I could offer on these pages - at far less cost than our local health food store. I can tell the difference if I forget to take it for a couple of days - so I don't forget often! I make sure my husband takes it daily as well - and both of us went through the winter surrounded with people who had colds and flu - but neither of us got sick!

Dynamic Health Juices 100% Pure Mangosteen  Juice - 32 oz

Dynamic Health Juices 100% Pure Mangosteen Juice - 32 oz

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Thankfully, growing numbers of us are reaching out, searching for a better way to natural health.

For some it means changing habits and using natural products to prevent illness. For others it means embracing natural methods to cure. For all of us it means reading, investigating, trying things, and most of all - taking responsibility for our own health. It also means realizing that we each possess an individual body that will react in its own individual way. The same is true if we are using pharmeceuticals, nature's remedies, or improving our health through diet - but many doctors fail to recognize the fact.

This site exists to share information about keeping or getting good health through natural means. By necessity, it must be a work in progress, because new natural treatments are coming to the surface every day, as are warnings of new threats.

My hope is that you will take its offerings and use them as a base for your own investigations - and that in so doing, you will find the keys to vibrant health. To begin, I'll share with you some of the miracles that have affected my life in ways both large and small. And I invite you to visit my blog and share the ways you've found to bring natural health to yourself and your loved ones.

Stay tuned as the following list grows. Live links lead to more information.

Dynamic Health Juices 100% Pure Goji Juice At least 95% Organic - 32 oz

Dynamic Health Juices 100% Pure Goji Juice At least 95% Organic - 32 oz

Features: • Organic Ingredient • Parve • Kosher • Liquid Formula • Anti Aging! * • 32 Day Supply • Anti Allergenic • Readily Absorbable • Boost Energy Levels! * • Enriched with Antocyanins • A Very High ORAC Product • Natural Source of Ellagic Acid and Fiber • Improves General Metabolism * • Strengthen The Immune System! * • Beneficial As A Dietary Supplement! * • Alleviate Cell Damage Caused by Free Radicals * • Easier to Swallow than Hard Tablets & Powders

Please note

I am not a doctor, nor have I studied medicine. I am simply a freelance copywriter who has become entirely distrustful of the medical industry.

Personal experience and the deteriorating health of people dear to me have convinced me that that industry as a whole is "in it for the money" and that it is their best interests to keep Americans sickly.

Had doctors and pharmecuticals been effecting cures, I would not have even thought to begin the research.

Please use my findings as a starting point to your own research. Continue reading all you can find - so that you may bring good health to yourself and your loved ones. And if you find a book to recommend, write me at I'll be glad to add it to this list.

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